Massage chair for world peace

After the stressful time I spent while tried to choose the best gas ranges, now I need some relaxation. This is why this entry is being written.

First I thought that a long weekend with my girlfriends at a spa would be enough, but it wasn’t. When I arrived home I still felt the same exhaustion, as before (maybe it could count that I didn’t took a longer holiday in the past 3 years).
So, I had to find another way to get some rest.
First I tried to stay at home for two days, but that was horrible. I just did the housework I postponed long before.
After that I went to an acupuncture treatment. That was one of the worst experience I ever had. I don’t know how people can love it.
At last I went to a massage centre aaaaand that is what I searched for. After that, I was relaxed, I could focus, I wasn’t tired as usually. It was just perfect. But as every miracle it lasted only 3 days.
On the 4th day I was exhausted and slow again. I needed some alternative to go to have massage, because it would quickly consume my saved money.
After 30 minutes on the internet, I found myself on a site full with massage chair reviews. Most of the comments claimed these products are equivalent to full massage services. It felt like I found heaven on Earth. Maybe these massage chairs are not the cheapest things that you can buy, but if I calculate that if I go to have massage twice a week, its price is quite reasonable.
I chose a Shiatsu 06C (brand and type of the chair) and I’m much more than satisfied. Since I got it everyday seems like I’m a teenager again. I’m full of energy and I ‘m free of stress.

I think if everybody would have a massage chair as I have, the world would be a better and more peaceful place.
Now I go back and relax 20 more minutes on this piece of heaven.
Be good!

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