Gas ranges and the internet

Hey guys!

I’m more than just angry. Not enough that after the one year long warrancy ran out my gas range broke down, not enough that it happened in the middle of cooking for a high school reunion…but the next week I found out that I had to buy a completely new (the repair cost would be up to 90% of a new one).


So what does an ordinary person do in this situation? Goes to the local store and tries to find an identical gas range that I had, but guess what, it was already out of stock, EVERYWHERE! After I realised, that I have to learn again how to use an other type, I realised that I don’t even know what I should check if I want to buy a new one. So, I sat down in front of my computer and started a little research. After a long and stressful hour, I finally found a pretty good comparison site where the best gas ranges are all listed with quite detailed descriptions. Now I know which are the best gas range manufacturers, what are the biggest differences, and what I should be aware of if I want to buy one.

And again, as a normal person, I went back to the local stores (with my newly gathered knowledge) and I was eager to choose the one which suits me the best (and my kitchen). You know it could be much easier to grap one from a shop which is near to you, and maybe you could get it within a day. But when I found out how big the difference is in the prices when you buy it online, or offline, my blood pressure went to the sky. It’s up to 30%, thirty percent!!!! For that price I could buy food for me and my cats for a whole month!

With my still boiling blood I left the store, got home and started to write this to you in order to prevent anyone to buy a stove offline. Waiting some days until it arrives from the webshop is still much better: you can get the exact type you want+ you can save a good amount of money. (+ reviews are way much more reliable than the salesmen who tried to convince me to buy the biggest, the shiniest and very best stove and nevertheless which has the biggest commission on it…)

So, guys I encourage you to buy online, as well as I am going to order my new (and maybe long lasting) gas range, after I publish this entry.

Maybe next time I’ll write about a happier story.

Be good!

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